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Sillapää Castle

Sillapää Castle was built in the middle of the 19th century. The castle is under state protection due to its remarkable architectural ensemble. Its ground floor accommodates the Räpina Local Lore and Gardening Museum and the Räpina Folk School (Räpina Rahvakool) of Räpina Vabahariduse Ühendus (Adult Learning Centre of Räpina). Räpina Music School is on the renovated first floor. The castle is surrounded by an arboretum with  trees and bushes from over 600 taxa.

The historic heart of Räpina is one of the 21 places in Southern Estonia worth discovering; the "Living on the Edge" project recommends discovering those through the yellow National Geographic windows.

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  • Larianka Larianka
    Утренняя прогулка перед поездкой в Таллинн

    Проведя случайную ночь в отеле этого города - наутро решили хоть немного ознакомиться с городом и состоялись своё представление о нем. Отправились на прогулку по парку, а также посетили экскурсию по...

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