Source: Mariann Rea

Snowshoe hike in Sirtsi bog

The best (and safest) way to hike through Estonia's bogs is using snowshoes. But you don't have to wait for the snow to set in before you use them – even when it's dry, they are the perfect footwear for the soggy terrain of bogs and marshland. Hiking through this unique landscape, which its myriad of plant life and local legends, is a truly unforgettable experience – particularly the squelchy, sponge-like surface beneath your feet! Anyone who is capable of hiking is capable of snowshoe hiking. Group hikes can be booked in advance, and individuals can register to join planned hikes.
Did you know...? *Alutaguse is a large area of forests and bogs in north-eastern Estonia close to the Russian border *Sirtsi bog and the surrounding area are home to many animals which keep away from humans, such as bears and wolves

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