Source: Mariann Rea

Snowshoeing in Sirtsi mire in Alutaguse

Snowshoes provide the perfect opportunity to take a winter hike in the mires and forests of Estonia, while enjoying the beautiful silence of a snowy forest and the unique beauty of a snow-covered bog. You may even cross paths with one of Estonia's many wild animals, or have an exciting opportunity to perfect your tracking skills during your snowshoe journey.

Sirtsi mire can be found in the middle of the Alutaguse wilderness, a large region of forests and mires in North-Eastern Estonia, close to the Russian border. Many animals, including people-fearing bears and wolves, live in Alutaguse.  Along with its nature though, Sirtsi mire is a region full of interesting cultural history; with ancient winter roads, the underground shelters of Estonia's legendary forest brothers and as the one of the settings named in the stories of Kalevipoeg; hero of the Estonian national epic, there is plenty to see.

Features and amenities
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