Sorcerer’s Kingdom in the Primeval Valley of Lake Uhtjärv

If you would like to visit and stay overnight in one of the smallest and most special countries in the world, you should head for the Sorcerer’s Kingdom in the Primeval Valley of Lake Uhtjärv. You will be welcomed by the Chief Sorcerer, Uhti, who will show you the possessions of the Sorcerer’s Kingdom and tell you its legends. In the Sorcerer’s Kitchen you can taste a variety of meals - Rumpel-Pumpel’s dinner is particularly good. There are enough leisure activities for you, your family and friends for the whole day, but you should definitely try one of the most unique sports – broom throwing. You can stay overnight in cosy rooms, or if you're seeking a more extreme experience, you will probably find that sleeping in the little huts on their chicken legs is an interesting thing to try!

Features and amenities
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