SPA Hotel Laine

Come, restore Your health and have a
nice vacation in Haapsalu in SPA Hotel Laine. Experienced and attentive staff takes care of Your every need. At Your command are comfortable hotel rooms, restaurant and sauna complex with beauty salon and pool. Interesting to know: Laine Spa is located on "Väikese Viigi" beach on inner-bay. From spring to late autumn there lives a swan couple in Viigi, don't forget to gladden them with a small piece of white bread.

Features and amenities


Sadama tn 9/11, Haapsalu

Getting there

Spa Hotel Laine is located in a small resort-town Haapsalu, on a beautiful "Väikese Viigi" beach on inner-bay. By following the signs "Väike Viik" and "Laine Spa" You can reach the embankment, where the hotel is located.


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