Source: Merilin Kaustel Lehemets

Spitham Holday Homes

Spitham Holiday Homes are located in the midst of pure nature, in close vicinity of the sea.

Spitham Holiday Homes are located in the Spitham village, Noarootsi rural municipality, Lääne county. Since the establishment of Spitham, it has always been a settlement of coastal Swedes and numerous Swedes also live there today. The keywords of Spitham include berry-and-mushroom-filled forest, sea rich in fish, and fresh air rich in different bird species.

The complex of Spitham Holday Homes consists of two log houses with all comforts, built in 2014, as well as two tiny camping houses with two beds, built in 2014. The whole complex accommodates up to 20 persons.

Features and amenities
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