St. Mary's Church in Rõuge

The first stone church was constructed in Rõuge in the 16th century. In 1730, the original church, which was destroyed in the Great Northern War, was replaced with one which had an imposing square tower. The church was blessed in the name of St. Mary. The altar-piece "Christ on the cross" by R. von Mühlen is from 1854. In 1860 the walls were made higher and a mirrored arch was installed. In 1930 the church got a 31-register organ built by the Kriisa brothers. The first Estonian pastor in Rõuge was Rudolf Gottfried Kallas.

Useful information! You can attend mass at the church every Sunday at 11:00 and in summer, the church is used as a wayfarers' church. Entrance to the tower is for a fee (grown ups 1.50, children 1 and family ticket 3 euros).

Features and amenities
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