St Michael's church in Narva

St Michael's has been operating as a church since 1962. Although closed in the summer, it hosts organ concerts and masses in both Estonian and Finnish during the winter.

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  • Loraq Loraq
    Incredible restoration

    Mihkli Kirik (the estonian name) has always been one of the main attractions of the town of Jõhvi. After the restoration the facade looks better than ever.

  • sihi1 sihi1
    Medieval church-stronghold in Jõhvi town

    St. Michael church is one of few churches of this tipe in Estonia. It is a church-stronghold, it has massive walls. During wars in mid ages the church played defensive role for people. St. Michael...

  • Ig0r2014 Ig0r2014
    Лютеранский собор Jõhvi

    Храм св.Михаила (Jõhvi Mihkli kirik) - самое высокое и самое старое (построено в середине 13-го века) здание в городке Йыхви. Толщина стен здесь 2м, что делает её самой защищенной и кроме того самой...

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