Sunrise and sunset hikes in Kõrvemaa!

Make your day special and enjoy a sunrise or a sunset hike in the Kõrvemaa bog!

In Kõrvemaa, every day is beautiful!

Why a bog?

At sunrise, a bog is a mysterious place with no equal. Mist, shadows, small crooked bog pines surrounded by the sounds of nature or the joy of complete stillness. Every sunrise is as special and unique as the day – sometimes the sun shines through the mist, others its rays reflect on the frost; and sunsets are an equally wonderful experience on the bog.

A Kõrvemaa bog tour guide is the best way to navigate the terrain of the Northern or Southern Kõrvemaa, to places a visitor wouldn't usually find on their own. Bogshoe hikes are also available, and more information is available if needed.


Features and amenities

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