Suure Töllu Körts (the Great Tõll Tavern)

Suure Töllu Körts is a nice and respectable place for organizing events and parties. In this tavern, everything is as big as the great hero (Suur Töll) himself – it has two spacious tavern halls and two huge fireplaces in the middle of the rooms. 

The children have their own playroom with a ball pit that is an excellent place for holding birthday parties or for playing after a meal. They can also jump around in front of the TV when playing games on X-Box Kinect.

Töllu Tavern gladly welcomes anyone who wants to rent a party venue for:

* birthday parties for adults and children

* weddings

* company parties

* business meals

* trainings and conferences

* all other kinds of entertainment

Features and amenities
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