Source: Süvahavva Loodustalu erakogu

Süvahavva Nature Farm

Süvahavva Nature Farm is the kind of place you can forget your everyday troubles and enjoy some peace and quiet in the lap of nature. We grow more than 40 species and cultures of herbs and teas under organic conditions.
Here you can:
- find out all about organic farming, gardening and nature;
- buy plants and plant mixes;
- gather plants under the watchful eye of a professional;
- visit our wool factory and museum to see how yarn is made and buy therpeutic woolen garments;
- learn about eco-construction methods;
- discover how an operating farm is run;
- spend the night in our hayloft or forest cabin or camp in our fields;
- enjoy an unforgettable experience in our sandpit smoke sauna.

Features and amenities
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