Swedish Lion

This monument commemorates the success of Karl XII at Narva in 1700 when the Russian forces that had besieged Narva in the course of the Great Northern War were destroyed. The memorial was a gift from the Kingdom of Sweden to the City of Narva, and the statue was a copy of the statue that stood in front of the Royal Palace in Stockholm. The memorial was destroyed during the Second World War. The Swedish Lion was re-inaugurated on the occasion of the 300th anniversary of the battle in 2000. From the memorial you will see the “5-kroon” view of the two fortresses, which was depicted on the back of the Estonian 5-kroon banknote. The letters MDCC on the monument stand for the year 1700, and the phrase “Svesia memor” means “Sweden remembers”.


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  • Len H Len H

    Well kept statue

    This place can be visited both summer and winter. It is kept clean and is in good condition. It represent history in many aspects and offers a great view of the fortresses.

  • prkl08 prkl08

    Just a statue

    A lion which has a big and important history behind it. Back to the times when the Swedish side bombed Narva's castle. There is an interesting story about that spesific happening, which you could try...

  • nicklas g nicklas g

    Must see in Narva

    As a Swede myself this is definitely a must see in Narva. We all know that Carl XII beat the Russians in Narva, so this monument is a reminder for me. Even all off the fortifications as Eric Dahlberg...

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