Taevaskoda nature trail

Taevaskoda hiking trail is located in the Ahja River Landscape Reserve. The trail starts in the Saesaare car park and runs along both banks of the Ahja River, where the outcrops of Väike and Suur Taevaskoda, caves with springs and picturesque views catch your eye. At the beginning of the hiking trail, there is an information board with a map of the recreational area, and along the trail, signs in Estonian, English and Russian help you find the way. Visitors in a wheelchair can explore the trail until Väike Taevaskoda (about 2 km back and forth).

Good to know: due to a cave-in at Emaläte, the part of the trail leading upwards from Emaläte is closed to visitors.


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  • DaffyDW DaffyDW

    Beautiful Walk

    A calm and peaceful place to walk. Beautiful sandstone walls with the birds nesting in them. The River Ajha flows through and in places you can spot small fish and fresh water mussels. There is...

  • ElerinU ElerinU

    Great walk!

    A very nice 3km walk - really beautiful. The signs were not the best but enough landmarks to keep you aware of where you are and where to go. Lots of information signs about the history and nature

  • GreteSmiles GreteSmiles

    A must see in South-Estonia

    This is one of the most known landmark for South-Estonia. The name "Taevaskoja" means Heaven's Hall and that's how you'll feel there - it's a very calming place where to walk around and enjoy the...

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