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‘Tagaküla Suurkivi’ and ‘Ehalkivi’ boulders

Address: Letipea küla, Viru-Nigula vald, Lääne-Viru maakond | Show on map

The point and fishing village at Letipea to the east of Kunda are renowned for their large boulders. As soon as you enter the village the ‘Tagaküla Suurkivi’ boulder will catch your eye – it has a circumference of around 30 metres and stands 4 metres high. Close to the shore stands the protected ‘Ehalkivi’: 7.6 metres high, with a circumference of 49 metres and weighing 930 cubic tonnes.
Did you know...? * Ehalkivi is the boulder with the largest exposed surface in Estonia * Ehalkivi is also the biggest boulder in Northern Europe

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