Tahkuna Lighthouse

Tahkuna Lighthouse is situated on the north end of Hiiumaa. The construction of the cast iron lighthouse began in 1873. The lighthouse is assembled of cast iron parts of so-called Gordon system. System is based on prefabricated details, that are easy to transport. That's the reason why this high tower was rather easy to build.
Interesting to know:
• Czaric Russia bought the lighthouse from the world exhibition of Paris in 1871.
• It's the highest lighthouse in Estonia - 42,7 m above the sea level.


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  • vopest vopest

    Worth seeing

    I really enjoyed the architecture and the view. The rustic inside of the lighthouse and how it's built is quite an experience itself.

  • Susa S Susa S

    A place worth the visit

    We visited Tahkuna tuletorn in early July. The scenery was beautiful and the lighthouse is definitely worth the visit. Admission to the lighthouse was 2 euros. The small yard cafe was nice and the...

  • Zane J Zane J

    Brilliant views!

    Beautiful place with his own history. Not only great views form lighthouse - many interesting sights are situated around the tower. There are a monument on the beach dedicated to the children who...

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Tahkuna küla, Hiiu vald, Hiiu maakond

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  • Signposted
  • By excursion bus
  • By car


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