Tallinn City Museum

Tallinn City Museum vividly introduces city’s history from the 13th century until the present.
The museum is located in a medieval merchant dwelling, and through different sounds, pictures, figures and texts, you will get an idea of how people lived in Tallinn at different periods of time. Complete video and slide programs introduce revolutionary events in Tallinn in the 20th century. In the basement of the main building, you find a ceramics depository. 
When booked beforehand, we organise tours for groups of up to 25 people in Estonian, Russian, English, Finnish, Greek and German.

Good to know: the museum also offers tours of the Old Town of Tallinn in Estonian and other languages.


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  • Leigth M Leigth M

    Great Collection of Tallin specific history

    Really loved this medieval Merchant house - turned museum which brought clear understanding of the Hanseatic League and the way the city developed into a port power hundreds of years ago. A must to...

  • Katrīna P Katrīna P

    Modern museum provides and opportunity to learn about Tallinn

    The museum is new and modern, and you can indeed lean about the city of Tallinn. I do not like museums in general, but this was very interactive and interesting. There were even some scary elements...

  • wendyw59482 wendyw59482

    This was my favourite museum in Tallin. It gives a useful overview of the city's history.

    Set in a medieval merchant's house this museum is full of easy to understand exhibits and explanations. It helps you to understand that in medieval times lots of things were the same the world over...

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