Tallinn Old Port Yacht Harbour / Old City Marina

Tallinn's Old Port Yacht Harbour is sheltered from the wind and waves right in the heart of the city. Here visitors coming in from the sea will find everything they need within easy reach. The yacht club on the second floor of the Terminal C building has a club room, seminar room, sauna, kitchenette, harbour captain's room and rooms for washing and drying laundry.
Did you know...? - The harbour can moor up to 110 yachts on its floating docks, which measure 0.6 m above the water level - Size restrictions: by floating docks - L max. 18 m, T = 4.0 m; by harbour docks - no. 18-23: L max. 50 m, T = 4.3 m

State Port Register

Features and amenities
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