Tallinn's Famed TV Tower Makes Comeback in Tourism

04. January 2011

After its closure in 2007 for fire safety violations, Tallinn's TV tower will be revamped as tourist attraction with 5.5 million euros from the European Regional Development Fund.

“Since its inception, Tallinn's TV tower has been a symbol of the capital,” said Riina Roosipuu, director of the tower's managing foundation. 

The 314-meter tower, Estonia's tallest structure, is planning to reopen after extensive rennovations in December 2011. Surrounded by Russian tanks in 1991, the building had a central role in the climax of the country's fight for independence, when Estonian policemen threatened to release gas to kill invading soldiers attempting to gain control of the nation's broadcasting. “The TV tower catches the eye with its visual form and great size, rising above the tops of buildings in the cityscape. From its beginnings the TV tower has been a loved attraction for foreign and domestic tourists,“ said Roosipuu.

With a total budget of 6.6 million euros, the foundation has raised 1 million euros on its own, and is receiving the rest from EU funds funneled through Enterprise Estonia. Renovations will take 4.8 million euros, and the rest will go toward creating the exhibit for tourists and marketing.