Tallinn St. Mary's Cathedral (Dome Church) and bell tower

In Tallinn St. Mary's Cathedral (first mentioned in 1233), you find gravestones from the 13th-18th centuries and coat of arms epitaphs dating from the 17th-20th centuries.

The most famous people to be buried in the church include Swedish military officer Pontus De la Gardie; his wife, Swedish King Johann III's daughter Sophia Gyllenhelm; Admiral Samuel Greigh; and Admiral Adam Johan von Krusenstern – the first man to lead a Russian round-the-world voyage.

In addition to enjoying the beautiful interior of the church, visitors can climb its 69-metre Baroque bell tower and admire an excellent view of the city.
A donation should be made for a visit to the church; for visiting the bell tower, a ticket should be purchased .

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  • Ying-shou C Ying-shou C

    Before I say good-bye to Tallinn, a further information is provided to explore the aerial view of Toompea Hill from the bell tower of this church. So you should be not oblivion to your final possibly...

  • David K David K
    I just don't like it when churches charge entrance fees

    Tour guide spoke highly of this church so we returned the next day to take a look. There was no one else there except for a couple of people working - with one of them collecting entrance fee. We...

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    Oldest Christian Church in Estonia

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