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Tallinn Teachers House

Address: Raekoja plats 14, Kesklinna linnaosa, Tallinn | Show on map
Mobile phone: (+372) 554 8854
Telephone: (+372) 615 5161
Fax: (+372) 615 5169
Skype: 5548854
Website: http://www.opetajatemaja.ee/ External link
E-mail: info@opetajatemaja.ee
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The oldest records of the Tallinn Teachers House date from 1333. In 1766 it and the complex of buildings attached to it passed into the hands of the Russian crown, who transformed it into an officers’ club and casino. The old façade of the building was renovated in the 1830s. The layout of rooms in the building today dates from this period, although traces of the previous, more intriguing layout and interior design can still be seen. Since 1952 the building has housed a cultural and education centre which has borne the name Tallinn Teachers House for the last 14 years. It is administered by the Educational Board of the City of Tallinn.

Further information

Number of seminar rooms (up to 10 places) 5
Number of seminar rooms (up to 20 places) 7
Number of seminar rooms (up to 50 places) 3
Number of seminar rooms (up to 100 places) 2
Number of conference rooms (up to 300 places) 1

Features and amenities

  • Conference equipment
  • Conference catering
  • Banquet available
  • Translation booths
  • Translation equipment
  • Adjustable light levels
  • Air conditioning
  • Paid WiFi



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