Tartu St. Paul’s Church of the Estonian Evangelical Lutheran Church

Tartu St. Paul’s Church is the only Estonian sacral building in art nouveau style, as well as one of the most outstanding 20th century sacral buildings in Estonia. The church and its wings form one of the most remarkable ensembles of sacral architecture.
The church was designed by Finnish-American architect Eliel Saarinen in 1913; the construction was completed and the building was consecrated in 1917. The interior was finished in 1919.
There was a fire in the church during the WWII; however, the congregation led its partial restoration, so it was re-consecrated in 1966.
Today, the church has been completely restored based on the design by Merja Nieminen and Kari Järvinen, Finnish architects, who were inspired by Eliel Saarinen.

Features and amenities
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