Tartu Toy Museum offers activities for the whole family during Christmas

30. November 2009

Tartu Toy Museum, which traditionally organizes workshops during Christmas, offers Christmas-themed workshops to families this year as well. Among other things, the modeling of horses and crafting of Christmas trees can be learned in the workshops.

The Tartu Toy Museum, located in Tartu’s Old Town, will hold Christmas workshops from the 10th to the 13th of December and from the 16th to the 20th of December, where children are taught how to craft Christmas decorations and toys. Those visiting with a larger group can use the services of a guide to learn about the history of toys, find out how puppet movies are made and how to play with theatre dolls.

Founded in 1994, Tartu Toy Museum has assembled over eight thousand toys and three thousand postcards and photos of both contemporary and historic toys. Visitors get a wide overview of very different toys, ranging from 19th century farm children’s toy horses and 1970s Soviet era tin and foam rubber toys to contemporary theatre dolls.

More information about the Tartu Toy Museum can be found at their webpage: http://www.mm.ee/.