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1. Tchaikovsky 2. Haapsalu Tourist Information Centre 3. Africa Beach and Promenade 4. Tchaikovsky's Bench in Haapsalu

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The famous Russian composer Pyotr Tchaikovsky spent the summer in Haapsalu in 1867. The calm atmosphere and beautiful nature of Haapsalu left an impression on him. The composer loved to walk on the Haapsalu Promenade. Here he composed the cycle of piano pieces "Souvenir de Hapsal". Tchaikovsky's Bench is on the shore of Tagalahe Bay in Haapsalu, where he used to sit and admire the sunrise. Today the bench is equipped with a technical solution that enables you to listen to music and information about the composer.
While in Haapsalu, take a look at the old railway station, built for Nicholas II. Enjoy the wooden architecture of Haapsalu and visit the small and cosy cafés.

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At the end of the 18th century, best French chefs found their way to Russia. The resulting fusion of Russian and French cuisine has given the world a symbiosis that is eternally enjoyable.  Our…

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Haapsalu Tourist Information Centre


Haapsalu's Tourist Information Centre is on the main road in the centre of the town, in a newly renovated building. It offers maps of the local area and brochures about the town, Lääne County and…

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Africa Beach and Promenade


The splendour of Haapsalu, the famous Czarist era resort, is recalled by the seafront Promenade and its jewel -- the Assembly Hall with its wooden “gingerbread”. Walk on the sloping promenade and…

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Tchaikovsky's Bench in Haapsalu


The world-famous Russian composer Pjotr Tchaikovsky stayed in Haapsalu in 1867. To commemorate him, a memorial bench was erected on the Šokolaadi Promenaad, where the maestro loved to watch the…

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