Test your knowledge about Estonia and win a free trip!

02. March 2011

Have you already made your summer holiday plans?
If not, then we offer you a perfect opportunity to spend a beautiful and adventurous summer vacation in Estonia!

The Estonian Ministry of Foreign Affairs is happy to announce that its new Estonia Quiz 2011 is open!
You will find the quiz at http://quiz.mfa.ee/ and this year for the first time also on Facebook <http://apps.facebook.com/estoniaquiz/> .
The quiz is in two languages, English and Russian. It consists of 12 multiple-choice questions covering different aspects of Estonian life. With the help of the different Internet links provided on the quiz page, it should be fun and easy for everyone to discover something new about Estonia.  
The grand prize <http://quiz.mfa.ee/quiz_2011/prizes>  is a free trip to Estonia for two, including airfare, accommodation, meals, city tours and more. In addition to the grand prize there will also be drawings for other prizes, which include tour packages in Estonia.
The quiz will officially close on 31 May and the names of the winners will be published on 4 June 2011. 
Good luck and see you in Estonia!

Information: vminfo@vm.ee