The Art Bus will start tours to the art and design spots of Tallinn

03. March 2011

On 29 Saturdays, the Art Bus will drive the culture capital inhabitants and visitors to those places in Tallinn, which introduce the practical side of art and design and which are not that often visited. The aim is to expand the area of arts further away from the exhibition rooms and galleries that are situated in the city center.

Within a few hours visitors of the tour will get acquainted with art, design and architecture areas’ practical sides and participate in workshops, which will be carried out by specialists. The tour guides will be people who represent specific fields – artists, designers and professors of the Estonian Academy of Arts – and they will introduce their creative areas in more detail.

The visitors get a chance to visit studios, factories, foundries, galleries, ateliers and craft guilds, take part in tours through different areas of the city, participate in active art and take an art-themed walk in nature.

The bus starts each Saturday at 12 o’clock from the Art Academy’s site (Tartu mnt 1).

26 departments of the Estonian Academy of Arts will take part of the Art Bus’s program.

The first design spot on March 5 will be product design company Frog Plastic OÜ in Tabasalu, a company which makes plastic products and street furniture. Visitors can see how the objects that are known from the city are made, for example comfortable park benches, urban illuminating furniture or practical bicycle holders. The workshop will be carried out by an acknowledged product designer, Veiko Liis, who last year received the prestigious Estonian design award Bruno for designing the foldable holder for milk in plastic bag. The holder is now widely used in Estonian homes.

The Art Bus will also visit the Bastion fashion studio, Nukufilm Studio and theatre decorations and costumes company Stagecraft Management OÜ. The acknowledged heritage protection specialist, Oliver Orro, will make a tour through the districts where he will pay attention to the cultural values and the heritage protection problems.

The annual calendars of the Art Bus can be purchased during a bus tour, from the information center of the European Capital of Culture and via Internet from The tickets are available from the bus and cost 1.50 €.

The Art Bus is presented by the European Capital of Culture Tallinn 2011 and supported by City Tour and Eesti Kultuurkapital.