The beginning of fifth season in Soomaa

15. April 2013

The level of water has started to rise in the rivers of Soomaa national park. Now it is expected that the water will rise quicker and quicker by every day. In coming days the annual flood starts, called fifth season by local people.

Warm weather has caused a rapid rise of water in rivers of Soomaa National Park. The day before yesterday when the process stared, the rise was +10 cm per day and night, last day and night already +50 cm. At the moment the level is 1 meter and 25 centimetres in Riisa water observation station at Halliste river.

You are welcome to follow this natural phenomenon on the web camera that send a live picture from Karuskose farm at Raudna River. Of course you are welcome also to come and visit us and take a canoe trip in the flooded forests.