Meikas’ was successful due to his unique approach to the cuisine of the Nordic islands. The Nordic islands are Muhu, Saaremaa, Hiiumaa, Gotland, Bornholm, Åland, Öland and Rügen. The characteristic food-preparation methods of the region are salting, drying, pickling and smoking and the main ingredients are quail, lamb, wild boar, fish, herbs, leeks, mushrooms and berries.

Pädaste Manor, where the winner of the Chef of the Year award Meikas works, is one of the most unique hotels in Estonia. Pädaste, operating on the small Muhu island on the western coast of Estonia, is the only five-star hotel in Estonia outside of Tallinn. The hotel is also a part of the reputable Small Luxury Hotels of the World group and was chosen by Andrew Harper’s Hideaway Report 2009 as belonging among the twenty best hotels in the world.

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