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The exhibition "Viking era findings in Estonia"

The exhibition introducing the era of Vikings displays rare items that have been only on the tables of archaeologists until now.
The exhibition introduces the Viking age through a new perspective and introduces the importance of Estonia as a part of the trade route that connected Northern Europe and Arabia – we have been bigger, more influential and independent than previously thought.

The local inhabitants were active tradesmen; due to that, Estonian soil hides plenty of magnificent and scientifically valuable material from the Viking era. The treasures that have been discovered were available to only a few until now. The exhibition also includes items that were only recently discovered below the earth and have never been displayed before.

Times and prices
Kesklinna linnaosa, Paks Margareeta

Viking era findings in Estonia

15.07.2016 - 27.08.2017, 10:00 - 18:00

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Adult: 6 €
Family ticket: 12 €
Pensioner: 3 €
University student: 3 €
School student: 3 €
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