The Garden of Arcadia

There is a pedestrian mall in the heart of Viljandi where you will see an amazing array of things - fragments of the medieval town wall; a modern walking track with unique fountains and benches; and examples of drying barn architecture from the olden days. The Garden of Arcadia was inspired by a dance hall and meeting place here that went by the same dreamy name among locals in the early 1930s.


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  • Milesandmore2013 Milesandmore2013

    Маленький хорошенький садик

    Маленький вытянутый в длину садик в центре Вильянди. Много цветов и низких кустарников, дорожки есть прямые, а есть извилистые. Уличные фонари и скамейки.

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