The new face of the Great Guild in Tallinn

15. November 2010

The building of the Great Guild dates back to 1407. The members of the guild where the richest merchants of Tallinn among whom also the Tallinn magistrate was elected. The impressive building of the Great Guild is in late Gothic style and today it houses the Estonian History museum.

During centuries the building has been used for merchants feasts and receptions, rented out for marriages and also used for court sittings and theatre performances. It has also been rebuilt many times.

During ongoing renovation works the historians made several smaller and bigger finds among others unique hypocaust stove, old wells, stairs and several niches, also in the main reception hall.

Thanks to renovation works the Great Guild building is going to reveal its 600 years old changes that gives the Estonian History museum a unique possibility to combine these changes with our 11,000 years of history opening a new and modern exposition. The emphasis of the new design is made on details of trade history like grain, salt, fur, role and value of money through centuries

Renovation project will be finished in May 2011, the project is made by KOKO architects and its cost is 3,4 million euros.