The Orchids of Osmussaar - an island hike

Osmussaar is renowned for its history, diversity of landscapes and unique natural features. 

Sirje Azarov, a biologist and a member of the Estonian Club for the Protection of Orchids, will show you a range of fascinating plants during this hike. You will learn to recognise medicinal plants and how you can make use of them in your everyday life. However, the main aim of the hike is to discover the island's orchids and learn to distinguish between them.

Join us at Osmussaare Reisid and discover the island for yourself! Excursions include the boat trip to the island and back from Dirhami harbour and the hike with a nature guide. You can take a look at special offers and the planned hike times on our website.

Features and amenities


Osmussaare küla, Noarootsi vald, Lääne maakond

Getting there

The Arabella awaits you at Dirhami harbour to take you across to the island. Depending on the weather, trips normally take around an hour.


59°17'41''N 23°23'38''E | Download GPX file