The Pärnu Jetty

Pärnu has always been an important harbour. To stop sand build-up in the river mouth, jetties made from logs were built in 1769, as ordered by the empress Catherine II. In 1863-64, new jetties were built of rocks that were transported there from the beaches of Häädemeeste and Kihnu. The length of both jetties was a bit over two kilometres.
The jetty on the left bank of the river has become a symbol of Pärnu. The jetty has gained a romantic aura as a place for lovers to take walks on; however, before taking a walk there, be sure to check the water level! At times, the jetty can be left completely under water, but when the water level is low, you can even see the ends of the wooden poles of the previous jetty.

Features and amenities


Muuli tn 8A, Pärnu

Getting there

The jetties are situated in the mouth of Pärnu river, the more accessible one is on the left bank of the river. The path leading to the jetty can be accessed from behind the Tervis Spa, 6 Seedri street.


  • Signposted
  • On foot only


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