The renovated Spa Hotel Pärnu Mud Baths will be named Hedon

21. February 2014

Renovated Spa Hotel Pärnu Mud Baths will open doors in the beginning of summer under the new name – Hedon.

The new name and design is inspired by the buildings antic architecture and ornaments that decorate 
the facade of the building.The renovation of the historical building and the construction of seaside hotel are ongoing. The spa is expected to be completed by the beginning of the summer season. By today the facade and the historical ornaments of the main building are completed and works of the inside are progressing. As well the sculptures of Voldemar Mellik that characterize the building will be restored. The historical building will have a spa with variety of treatments, three swimming pools and sauna with swimming area, and a quiet private area.

Next to the building of Mud Bath, right on the beach will be Pärnu’s most modern four star hotel. The Hedon SPA’s 72 hotel rooms are more spacious and with private balconies.

The construction of the spa was started in last spring and will be open in the beginning of the summer season. The project company of the Spa Hotel is Mudaravila Investeeringud, and the design was created by the Alliance Arhitektid OÜ architects Inga Raukas, Tarmo Teedumägi ja Paco Ulman, and the contractor is Astlanda Ehitus.     Hedon is a wellness spa and a four star hotel in historical building of Mud Baths right on the beach of Pärnu. In 1838 the building was built on the beach for the locals to bath in the sea and go to sauna. The building that is ongoing renovation was built in 1926-1927 by the design of architects Olev Siinmaa, E. Wolffeldt and A. Nürnberg. The neo-classicist building and its architecture, emphasized by the sculptures of Voldemar Mellik, are a reflection of antic spa tradition.