The Rooftop Cinema’s 5th season is about to start

09. May 2014

On May 15th, the worldwide recognized open-air movie theatre Rooftop Cinema will open already its 5th season.

Located in the very heart of Tallinn, on the terrace of the most popular shopping center Viru Keskus, the Rooftop Cinema is surprising its audience with a carefully selected movie assortment. 

The season will kick off with an upstanding introduction to the whole program. “In Order of Dissapearance” is a pitch-black crime comedy from snowy Scandinavia that has struck the audience with standing ovations at the Berlin Film Festival, as well as at the local Haapsalu Horror and Fantasy Film Festival, both this year. 

Unique experiences will be granted throughout May. Lars von Trier’s “Nymphomaniac” in two parts leads us to an erotic and utterly controversial life of a self-diagnosed nymphomaniac Joe (Charlotte Gainsbourg); acclaimed filmmaker Wong Kar Wai’s “Grandmaster” is a dainty visual display for everyone who is into martial arts and eastern culture; “The Great Beauty” and “Blue Jasmine”, both awarded with numerous prizes, including an Oscar; and many more renown favorites. 

Sun terrace with authentic and modern Japanese cuisine MoMo is open daily in addition to each night’s movie session. Fair lunch offers and cocktails from fresh ingredients are available from 12.00 Monday to Friday, and from 17.00 during weekends.

The unique large scale outdoor cinema hosts 500 people daily, the entrance fees being 6€ for a regular ticket and 8€ if you prefer to book a comfortable VIP-box that seats 10-12 people comfortably. The tickets can be purchased beforehand from Piletilevi selling points or right before the screening on site.

The cinema provides a space to park bicycles and offers a reduced price for parking cars. 

The Rooftop Cinema season runs from May 15th until August 31st

Program in May:

Thu, 15.05. kell 22.00 “In Order of Disappearance”(“Kraftidioten”), Hans Petter Moland, 2014

Fri, 16.05. kell 22.00 “Love is Blind” (“Kertu”), Ilmar Raag, 2013

Sat, 17.05. kell 22.00 “The Great Beauty” (“La Grande Bellezza”), Paolo Sorrentino, 2013

Sun, 18.05. kell 22.00 “Bridesmaids”, Paul Feig, 2011

Mon, 19.05. kell 22.30 “Nymphomaniac: Volume 1”, Lars von Trier, 2013

Tue, 20.05. kell 22.30 “Nymphomaniac: Volume 2”, Lars von Trier, 2013

Wed, 21.05. kell 22.30 “Stories We Tell”, Sarah Polley, 2013

Thu, 22.05. kell 22.30 “Philomena”, Stephen Frears, 2013

Fri, 23.05. kell 22.30 “Ted”, Adam Horowitz, Seth MacFarlane, 2012

Sat, 24.05. kell 22.30 “Free Range. Ballad on Approving the World” (“Free Range. Ballaad maailma heakskiitmisest”), Veiko Õunpuu, 2013

Sun, 25.05. kell 22.30 “Chocolat”, Lasse Hallström, 2000

Mon, 26.05. kell 22.30 “The Grandmaster”(“Yi dai zong shi”), Wong Kar Wai, 2013

Tue, 27.05. kell 22.30 “Big Bad Wolves”, Aharon Keshales, Navot Papushado, 2013

Wed, 28.05. kell 22.30 “Borgman”, Alex van Warmerdam, 2013

Thu, 29.05. kell 23.00 “Blue Jasmine”, Woody Allen, 2013

Fri, 30.05. kell 23.00 “Steel Magnolias”, Herbert Ross, 1989

Sat, 31.05. kell 23.00 “WTF” (“N’importe qui”), Raphaël Frydman, 2014

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