So it's not surprising that wireless internet is almost everywhere and almost always free.

Wireless internet access points can be found in most public locations: parks, squares, pubs, cafés, restaurants, airports, trains, bus stations and often it's even possible to access the internet in what seems a remote location, on a beach or in a forest.

Most accommodation establishments offer free wireless internet either in your room or the lobby. Just open your laptop or mobile device and search for available wireless networks.

Tallinn city provides free wifi to its citizens and visitors in 30 different hotspots around the city (not including city libraries and schools). It is free to use and has been so since it started in 2005. The download speed is 15Mbps per hotspot which is shared between its users. Most of the wifi hotspots cover popular areas in Old Town, some parks and other tourist attractions. There are also hotspots in most of the municipal administrative buildings. Users need to connect their device to wireless network named TallinnWIFI, whereas, no additional steps are required. Technical help is provided by service provider using telephone number 6 310 700.

In addition to free access there are more secure, closed, paid wireless networks e.g. at petrol stations. You can usually access them by purchasing a daily or hourly ticket - with your mobile phone. Accessing them is easy, just send an SMS according to the directions given on signs in the petrol station (or other location). You will be then sent an SMS that contains the user name, password. The username and password will give internet access for 1-24 hours from your first log in.