Okay, perhaps learning en passant a language that belongs to one of the oldest languages in Europe is rather too challenging for a theatre visit (not to mention the fact that Estonians have lived on the same place for 10,000 years), but you can visit opera and ballet performances with both a classical and a modern touch, or a diverse array of concerts, or explore why, in 2006, the New York Times announced Tallinn as the ‘Party Capital of the Year’. A relaxing stroll through Tallinn’s Old Town, the UNESCO World Cultural Heritage and medieval pearl of Europe, where perhaps you will have the chance of meeting Carmen Kass or Karmen Pedaru and can be reminded that Estonians are in first place amongst the TOP 10 model-producing nations per capita.

According to the 2011 survey by the World Health Organisation, Estonia boasts the cleanest urban air in the world. This is not the only healthy thing about it. There are numerous high quality medical and wellness spas that even two hundred years ago were being visited by Russian high society. How about a treatment with mud which has ingredients that are unique across the world, and which has a powerful rejuvenating effect on one’s skin when combined with mineral water that is 570 million years old (from Värska in southern Estonia)?

If you are missing home, or perhaps you would like briefly to handle a few work affairs while you are enjoying the luxury of a spa hotel, then don’t worry - Estonians invented Skype, and free internet is interpreted as a human right. In the bigger cities you can pay for parking by text message. To be able to access photos and video online, and for fans of other means of rapid data communications, Estonia is the only country in Europe in which nearly the entire country is covered by a 4G network. One more hint for you is that Estonians quite recently started up TransferWise, which allows users to send money abroad at the lowest possible cost. For local people there are many more self-evident points on the topic of Estonia’s special relationship with the internet - most tax returns are submitted online, shop client cards are not simply slivers of plastic but are connected with ID-cards which themselves are replacing passports.