A splendid fir tree stands in the same place every year, even today, so you can come and see it and contemplate the history that the spot has witnessed and attend the merry Christmas Fair that is held around the tree.

There are many more ancient traditions that you should come to see, such as this one: Estonians are usually keen to know what lies in wait for them in the coming year. For that purpose they melt some lead and pour it into a sink that has been filled with water so that they can see what shape the lead takes. A sound resembling a small explosion is heard and, when the sink shatters, it is clear that the new year entails buying a new sink. This at least is something practical when taking into account the fact that, according to studies, Estonia is the least religious country in the world.

Estonia is definitely not the hottest place in Europe, but when it comes to winter sports then there is plenty to make you sweat. And don’t forget that the density of large predators is one of the highest in Europe. Brown bears, lynxes, and wolves all live here, and tracking expeditions are popular in the winter. Estonia’s IT solutions have also penetrated deep into the forest. The country has more naturecams installed in inaccessible places than any other country.

In the deep winter the Baltic Sea freezes over, so that ice roads are created between the mainland and the islands. Driving on the frozen sea is an unforgettable experience. The perfect way to end an active day is in a sauna, with a combination of both heat and cold, as cooling off in the snow invigorates both your body and mind. You are also encouraged to try a smoke sauna or a barrel sauna!