Beginners and seasoned jumpers alike can go skydiving in Estonia.A freefall from 4,000 metres up at close to 200 km/h is a true delight for the courageous.In Estonia, skydiving is possible for everyone – from beginners planning their first tandem jump to experienced skydivers.

All of the equipment you need can be rented from the service provider: parachutes, jumpsuit, goggles, helmet and altimeter.

Primary skydiving sites in Estonia:

To skydive in Estonia, you must be 18 (those under this age require a signed permission from a parent or guardian). Also remember that you should be in good health.

Visit the Parasummer camp held every July in Pärnu to take a closer look at skydiving opportunities – you might not be able to resist temptation and decide to make your first tandem jump.