Tallinn is one of Europe’s premier city break destinations. The city has stunning architecture, world-class restaurants, and a rich cultural heritage with a great nightlife, all within a radius of no more than a ten minute walk. The city of Tartu also has its own thriving bar, pub and club scene in the Old Town, on Rüütli Street and in the surrounding area. Nightlife in Pärnu really takes off in the summer, when the pubs and clubs close to the beach draw in thousands of party-goers from all over the country. In smaller towns and holiday areas the bars and clubs may only be open during the high season or for a couple of nights a week.

Most of the big nightclubs are open from Wednesday to Saturday. Their doors open early but, as is typical in Europe, the party only really starts after midnight! On Friday and Saturday nights most clubs stay open until the early hours.

Wednesdays to Saturdays are when you’re most likely to catch live music in pubs and clubs, too. Gigs in pubs are often free, whereas you will normally have to buy a ticket for a concert in a club. The choice of music is wide, ranging from pop and rock to jazz and folk.

Anywhere that has a thriving bar, pub and club scene is sure to have somewhere that’s open late, so that you can grab something to eat. Just ask the locals where they normally go!

Important information about nightclubs and nightlife in Estonia

Alcohol can only be consumed in Estonia by persons aged 18 or over, which is also the age limit for most nightclubs. Where necessary, check the rules of the club you’re planning to go to and make sure that you take ID with you that will prove your age. There are clubs in Viljandi and Valga where the age limit is sixteen.

The cheapest way to get into nightclubs is to go before midnight, which is when many clubs offer half-price or even free entry. There may also be discounts for specific nights of the week.