Healthy holidays in the lap of nature

The pristine natural environment of Estonia is one of the country’s greatest attractions for lovers of healthy holidays. It’s an easy place to explore on your own, enjoying sports and exercise as you desire, with hike organisers and other service providers offering a wide range of active vacations in the great outdoors.

In the summer, you can go walking and cycling with the whole family, while in winter you can all take to the many health tracks around the country on your skis. They can be found in towns and cities of all sizes and are well-tended; many are also well-lit. Those looking for more of a challenge and really to hone their fitness should head for the hills and valleys of southern Estonia.

The many hiking trails in Estonia offer the fun of discovery to children and grown-ups alike. They are clearly marked and well looked after, and you’ll often find campsites along them. Sport and nature-loving families should aim to cover at least part of the country’s longest hiking trail, RMK hiking route, which extends a full 375 km.

If you’re interested in sporty ways of getting around and your kids are slightly older, canoeing or kayaking as a family can be great fun. Exploring Estonian rivers in a canoe or navigating through forests during the spring floods in Soomaa National Park are experiences in themselves! A wide range of guided kayaking trips are available, too, from a few hours to a few days and on rivers and lakes or out at sea.

A great way to appreciate the natural environment and get some exercise at the same time is to head to an adventure park. There are quite a few around the country. When the hiking trails are high up in the tree tops, the experience can be a real adrenalin rush for even the boldest of family members! There are also adventure and theme parks for the little ones at which they can swing, climb, jump and more, putting their skills to the test under the watchful eye and with the help of their parents.

Invigorating city breaks for the whole family

If you’re planning a healthy family holiday in one of the towns or cities in Estonia, it’s a good idea to combine refreshing, first-class spa services with the athletic opportunities provided by the surrounding environment.

Estonian spa hotels do everything they can to promote healthy, relaxing family holidays, providing both play areas and child care services. The waterslides and other attractions at water parks will keep kids of all ages entertained for hours, and you can even try treatments designed especially for children: massages, fun and games in the salt chamber, sand therapy and more.

Since the majority of Estonian spas are located close to the sea, you can enjoy the facilities whilst making the most of the sandy beaches nearby – swimming, boating, water-skiing, aqua-biking and more. Many have areas for beach volleyball, too. Promenades and walking and bike paths are perfect for cycling and rollerblading and often take you well outside the city, meaning you can go as far as you like.

Don’t worry if you don’t have everything you need with you – spas are well-equipped to provide you with everything you need to make the most of the sporting opportunities the surrounding area presents.

Every town and city in Estonia offering spa services has something to offer in terms of family holidays. For example, Haapsalu has a beach with shallow (and some of the country’s warmest) sea water, while its quiet and cosy cafés are well-suited to families with small children. Tallinn, meanwhile, is a great place to walk around and discover different areas, including Kadriorg Park, the Old Town, the waterfront promenade at Pirita and museums and restaurants galore. Moreover, in Narva-Jõesuu you’ll find a sandy beach and pine forest making it the perfect place for families who would rather be away from the hustle and bustle of the city and in the lap of nature, but still enjoy outstanding health services. Every town and city in the country has exciting playgrounds designed for toddlers and school-aged children too.

Of course, healthy family holidays involve far more than just getting about and enjoying refreshing activities together; there is also the delicious and healthy food. Spas offer first-class menus on which both true gourmands and those with special dietary requirements are sure to find something to suit their needs and tastes.