Most of the spas in Estonia are situated in resort towns, in picturesque and peaceful locations where you can have a unique experience of relaxing in the sauna or Jacuzzi while simultaneously viewing the beautiful countryside. Classy restaurants, proximity to nature, professional care and a wide selection of cosmetic services will make you feel fine and at ease.

In Estonia, everyone finds a spa to his liking

There are over 40 spas in Estonia. Choose a spa that best suits your rest, relaxation or treatment needs.

At a medical spa, you will undergo an examination and tests will be performed in order to ascertain the state of your health. Based on the results, a recuperation plan will be prepared involving physiotherapy, chiropractic treatment, healing massages, cold and mud treatments, salt chambers and other invigorating procedures.

If you just want to relax in an exquisitely luxurious environment, go to a wellness spa. Such excellent spas are often part of a hotel situated in a manor. Grand architecture, top-notch restaurants and a pampering for your body will make you feel truly noble.

A spa-hotel is the most suitable choice for the whole family as it has all sorts of water attractions and play corners. Furthermore, someone will be there especially to look after the children while you do other things.

Resort towns combine culture and health

Resorts have always been places where the practical goes hand in hand with the pleasant. People visit to improve their health, but they also want to be entertained, both socially and culturally. There are many resorts with long-standing traditions in Estonia, offering a wide selection of services ranging from pure relaxation to medical treatment.

  • Tallinn with its six public beaches, many spas and sport clubs, as well as the medieval Old Town alongside a typically European modern city centre offers wonderful opportunities for recuperation coupled with other exciting activities.
  • Haapsalu features beautiful wooden architecture and promenades; it is like time has stood still. The dignified style of the town and the tranquil tempo of life, especially in the wintertime, will bring inner peace even to the most anxious person. Those seeking to improve their health will appreciate Haapsalu’s time-tested traditions of mud treatment coupled with many opportunities for entertainment at cosy cafés, fine beaches and cultural event venues.
  • Pärnu fascinates health tourists with its year-round diversity. Every year the town assumes the title of the Estonian summer capital, and during that period you can always relax on the wonderful sandy beach after taking in assorted cultural endeavours and enjoying the night life. In the winter, the spas become the focal point for recuperation where the braver ones among the relaxation seekers  can  take a dip in an outdoor swimming pool.
  • Kuressaare is a perfect destination for lovers of leisurely pastimes at spas and beaches. In the summer months, it can get a bit crowded; however, you can always take a day trip to the nearby island of Hiiumaa and experience its natural beauty. During the cold winter, you can reach the island by driving on the ice road. Nothing is too far away here so you should feel free to explore the nature and coastal villages. Kuressaare also hosts plenty of cultural events, including the annual Saaremaa Opera Days.
  • Narva-Jõesuu is sometimes called the Northern Riviera. Here you will find the longest beach in Estonia, its fine sandy expanses lined with pine forests. The small town surrounded by many forest parks is evolving and every year offering some new form of entertainment for visitors.  Whether you choose the historically-styled medical spa or the more modern-looking spa hotel, you will be in the safe hands of medical professionals.
  • Värska is a small town famous for its mineral water and curative muds. A globally unique mixture of the Värska mineral water and the local mud contains oestrogen (female hormone) that rejuvenates the skin. Such treatment is only available at the Värska Spa. Värska is also a good place to learn about the distinctive culture and lifestyle of the Seto people.

Not only do all the resorts and spas in Estonia offer medical treatment, but cosmetic procedures as well. The wide selection and high quality continuously attracts beauty-conscious visitors from neighbouring countries. After all, when your skin has been softened with a salt treatment, backaches are but a memory thanks to a skilful massage, and the joints have regained their flexibility after cold treatment. Why not attend a party or concert or just have a restaurant dinner while showing off your new haircut and professionally manicured fingernails?