A paradise for bird and animal lovers

Estonia’s small territory holds many wonders. Estonia is used by migratory Arctic birds and has many wetlands ideal for stopovers and nesting. Estonia is a true bird-watcher’s paradise. One of the most important areas on the migratory route is in Matsalu National Park.

Our country´s small human population and old-growth forests leave plenty of room for mammals as well. The density  of large predators– the lynx, bear and wolf – is truly surprising.

Meadows boasting a record number of species, countless bogs and the enchanting landscape

World’s meadow’s species diversity record – 76 species per m2 – is held by our wooded meadows. It is the result of long-term mowing and grazing. For many plants, Estonia lies at the border of their area of range.  Here Ice Age relicts exist side by side with newcomers.

The symbol of Estonian nature is the limestone cliff which is the part of 1200 km long Baltic klint.   Many waterfalls and cascades can be met nearby the North Estonian klint.  On waterfall's ice sculptures  lure nature photographers in winter. The abundance of fossils along the limestone coast is surprising especially in western Estonia.

Continental Ice has been the most important  sculptor of Estonian landscapes.  The traces of the Ice Age can be seen in northern Estonia, the drumlins of Vooremaa in east-central Estonia and the hillocks of southern Estonia. These places are often connected to legends and tales.

In terms of abundance of natural bogs, Estonia is third in the world after Canada and Finland. In the mysterious bogs with picturesque bog pools one can pick cloudberries and cranberries.

Unique meteorite craters and the ‘fifth season’

Estonia has one of the  highest concentrations of meteorite craters in the world – there are six of them. The most recent large crater in Europe is in Kaali, on the island of Saaremaa. Estonia’s largest meteorite crater, Neugrund, can only be reached by divers.

The springtime thaw and heavy rains flood big areas around the rivers  and it is called  “fifth season”. This is a good time to head to Soomaa National Park, where you can canoe not just in the forests and roads, but even  in  yards.

Bogs and limestone cliffs, wild animals and sea birds, meteorite craters and the fifth season... Estonia has many exciting discoveries to offer!