Estonian winters are quite cold and snowy, so dress up warmly and enjoy the winter nature. What could be more fun than sledging through the snow covered fields and forests. Try pushing your limits and go canoeing through snowy national parks, if the rivers haven't frozen. Or go cross country skiing through the wilderness. Most public skiing tracks are well lit and are fully staffed. They offer equipment rental and instructors. The local Tourism Information Centres will help you to fi nd a location that best suits your needs, skills and, desires.

One of the most popular attractions for winter is bog-shoeing. Bog-shoeing trips are organized throughout Estonia and experienced guides will take you through a true winter wonderland. Take your camera with you and get a glimpse of Estonia’s rich animal kingdom, with moose, deer, boar, lynx, foxes, wolves, hares, squirrels and countless birds.

Frozen lakes, rivers, ponds and, even the sea are ideal for skating. The most famous outdoor city skating rink is located right in the heart of Tallinn's medieval Old Town, in front of the St. Nicholas church. Take a picnic and a thermos filled with hot tea with you and it’ll be an experience you will never forget. Children and adults alike enjoy nature in winter, with sledging, safaris, skiing and skating. Or go and enjoy a day of wolftrail dog-sledging

Why not enjoy the winter like Estonians do? Visit local tourist farms and enjoy jumping from the hot sauna right into a snowdrift! In recent years, outdoor heated bath-barrels have become a hit, too, just be sure to wear a hat if it’s cold. There are not too many places in the world where you can take a hot bath in the falling snow, so make sure you bring a camera to convince your friends back home!

For those looking for romance and luxury, we recommend combining nature trips with accommodation in a luxury manor houses. It’s great to let your mind and soul be pampered after a fun-filled active day in Estonia's beautiful nature.