Cycling is a fun and green way to enjoy the best of what Estonian cities, nature and culture has to offer. Combine it with spa-holidays, museums, historic sights and bike through the small countryside villages and enchanting coastal regions.

You can bring your own bike along or rent all necessary equipment here. Turn to local Tourism Information Centre for more information about nearest rental spots, maps, routes and local sights.

Cycling safety and tips:

  • Fun way to enjoy cycling is to try out different types of bicycles. You can rent mountain bikes for nature tracks or tour the city on a tandem.
  • All safety equipment, including lights, helmets and child seats, can be rented with the bicycle. One size does not fit all, so try them out first. Toddlers are required to be seated in safety seats or trailers and lights and retro-reflectors are mandatory for night-time riding. Helmets are recommended for adults, but required by the law for children under 16 years of age. In addition to fixed locks, use a wire padlock or similar when stopping and take your bike inside (and lock) when staying for overnight.
  • Reflectors are mandatory on Estonian roads! Be sure to have reflectors on  your clothing as well as on your bike (pedals, back- and frontside) and backpacks.
  • Use your hand to signal when turning or stopping and follow the general traffic and highway code.
  • Stop by the local Tourism Information Centres when taking a longer ride. You will find maps and brochures there as well as get the best tips about the area you are about to explore. It is also a very good place to ask about fishing and tenting spots, sightseeing, dining and accommodation or simply enjoying a friendly chat or putting together your own route.
  • Experience the beautiful and comprehensive tour by taking Eurovelo 10 route (marked as no. 1. part of route running along the Baltic Sea): from Latvian side, through islands to the Capital Tallinn and along North coast to St.Petersburg, signed distance 980 km.