Estonian untouched nature is  waiting for you. The hiking season is all-year-round, if you don’t mind the mud in autumn or snow in winter. There’s mobile phone coverage everywhere - so you can feel safe. You can access the internet with a laptop and mobile phone from 99% of Estonia. 

Best maps for hikers are available  in every Tourist Information Centre.

Estonians do not see themselves as hikers – it is just natural to walk and explore forests – perhaps to pick berries or mushrooms or to camp with friends. Most Estonian hikers prefer pine-forests as they are dry and easiest to walk in.

There are clearly marked trails for families in all the National Parks and each region of Estonia has accessible landscapes and recreational areas. Trails differ in length, most of these are between 1 and 7 km long. The longest hiking trail organised by the State Forest Management Centre (RMK) is 370 km long and it goes across whole Estonia. Trail's length is marked at all entrances.

Besides hiking trails these areas often have camp sites, huts and cottages where you can spend the night. Many areas have on-site nature centres and information desks providing local maps.

Try bog walking - it is an intriguing yet safe option. Your legs will not get wet but you will experience something unique.

To enjoy hiking in Estonia you will need good walking shoes, and depending on the season either very warm clothes including a hat and gloves or a light jacket with long sleeves. It would be handy to have a mobile phone with you in case there is an emergency.

NB! Wearing reflectors is mandatory in Estonia: please be sure to attach one to your clothing as well as to your backpack. 

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