Shooting takes place with life-like paintball guns and plastic bullets are filled with paint. You need to be over 14 years old (minimum), able to run and have a desire for action to enjoy the battle.

Ideal playgrounds are around desolated buildings and in the forests.

National and international paintball tournament and competitions are organised on a regular basis.

How to play Paintball:

You can make up your own rules as you go along, but basic idea is very simple. Contestants are divided into two teams and each has a goal to steal the other team’s flag. If you get hit, you are either out or “injured”.

Paintball is mainly a tactical game challenging your mind as well as body. Outsmarting the other team, using spies and decoys make paintball far different from other shooting games.

Make sure you use all the necessary protection: eyes, neck, face and ears need to be covered. All paintball gear, including clothing, paintball guns and bullets, can be rented from service providers.