Indoor playgrounds are mainly located in major shopping malls and toy stores. Some of them are small and simple, while others are large and complex with lots of toys, slides and climbing frames. Indoor playgrounds are ideal for days when the weather is poor.  

 Outdoor playgrounds are located in most parks and beaches of Estonia. Proper playgrounds have swings, climbing frames, sandboxes and much more. In major cities, playgrounds are likely to be located in the suburbs. Usually, there are no guiding signs, so do not hesitate to visit a tourist information centre or ask for help from local parents.

 Popular children’s playgrounds in Tallinn

In the city centre of Tallinn, near the Kadriorg Park there is the Politseipark (Police Park), which is ideal for families: there are playgrounds for children of different ages and a small skate park for teenagers (skateboards, skates and bikes are allowed).

Several playgrounds are located in the Kadriorg Park, the largest park in Tallinn. In addition, it is home to a beautiful rose garden, art museums displaying traditional and modern art, the residence of the President, a palace built by Peter the Great, cafes, and a swan pond. During the summer season, children can ride horses and karts.

The Harjumägi Hill in Tallinn’s Old Town is an ice-skating area in the winter and a children’s playground in summer.

There are as many as five playgrounds at the Stroomi beach at the edge of a forest. On weekends, the beach is full of people: families come for a picnic and a walk. It is also a safe place for children to swim.