Most cliff and hill climbs are suitable for all types of climbers and provide a good challenge for beginners and intermediates. Make sure you have weather proof, comfortable clothing and you can enjoy rock climbing all year round.

It might seem that Estonia is flat and there are no places for rock-climbing, but in fact most of the north coast is suitable for climbing – especially the lime-stone cliffs.

Ice climbing is especially challenging - offering you a cool atmosphere and a completely different and unforgettable experience. January and February are the best times to come.

Private clubs organise rock climbing events – for example coming down the sides of houses or “invasions” of abandoned military grounds. These need to be booked in advance and you are not recommended to go climbing on your own, even if you’ve got your own gear.

The highest “mountain” in Estonia is in the South and called Suur Munamägi (Big Egg Hill). It’s only 318m above sea level.

Climbing Safety

  • Climbing suits for physically active people as some skills and fitness are required.
  • There are no age restrictions but safety gear has to fit the shape and size of your body.
  • Rope, helmet, shoes, carabiners etc. are needed and can be rented from service providers.
  • Do not hesitate to hire a personal instructor or guide before you take on the tougher challenges.

Best places to enjoy indoor climbing in Estonia

  • Otepää Adventure Park offers different attractions for the whole family: beautiful landscapes and climbing opportunities for the ones playing on the safe side and catapults, endurance and skill courses for the more adventurous.
  • Popular public indoor locations for young and old: