For the most part, the waters along the Estonian coast are shallow and its waves modest. This though makes them perfect for kite and windsurfers.

Surfing holidays can be enjoyed in the country year-round, whatever the weather. More experienced surfers will love the autumn winds, while in winter the action relocates to the snow and ice. Competitions and camps are also held throughout the year. Training is offered and equipment hired out by surf clubs, recreation centres and other service providers.

For safety’s sake, you should never hit the water alone or if there are onshore winds, and make sure you wear a life vest and headgear. You should also take your mobile with you, stored in a watertight bag. And to make sure that swimmers are kept out of harm’s way, many public beaches set aside specific areas for surfing.

If there’s not much wind you can try paddlesurfing or experience the adrenaline rush of wakeboarding or waterskiing in beach cable parks or being pulled along behind a motor boat. You can also make the most of the water ramps in Estonia, whether with your board or skis – providing as much fun for the people watching as you do for yourself!

Here's a list of the most popular surfing spots in Estonia

  • Ristna on the island of Hiiumaa is the most popular place in Estonia among experienced surfers for its strong winds and the biggest waves on the Baltic Sea. Equipment can be hired on the beach, which is patrolled by life guards. Other surf beaches can also be found on Hiiumaa.
  • Vääna-Jõesuu (25 km from Tallinn) attracts surfers for its beautiful beach and good winds. Please note: there are no facilities or service providers on the beach.
  • Pirita and Kakumäe beaches in Tallinn have designated surfing areas and equipment hire.
  • Pärnu beach also has a clearly designated surfing zone. There are a number of surf clubs here that hire out equipment.
  • Roosta holiday village close to Haapsalu is a great place for longer vacations for beginner surfers – surf training and camps are organised here.
  • On the island of Saaremaa you can choose wear to surf based on the direction of the wind, and try a number of different beaches. At Mändjala (10 km from Kuressaare) you can learn how to kite-surf, with equipment available for hire.