Estonia is mostly flat, so cross country skiing is most popular form of winter sports for locals. Most walking/hiking trails, including the ones in our national parks, are suitable for cross country skiing. Public, prepared tracks in and around bigger cities are usually meant for the “classical” style – physically more demanding, it still is the easiest style to master and equipment rentals on the spot as well as lighting for the tracks makes it fun, safe and easy.

South Estonia is the hilliest region in Estonia and when winter comes, Otepää is crowned as the winter capital of Estonia. Otepää and Võrumaa are an ideal destination for winter sports enthusiasts looking for snowboarding and downhill skiing – necessary equipment can be rented on the spot, food and drinks are available and there are playgrounds and beginner tracks available for children.

One of the most popular attractions for winter is bog-shoeingBog-shoeing trips are organized throughout Estonia and experienced guides will take you through a true winter wonderland. Take your camera with you and get a glimpse of Estonia’s rich animal kingdom, with moose, deer, boar, lynx, foxes, wolves, hares, squirrels and countless birds.

Ice-skating can be enjoyed throughout the year – Tartu and Talinn offer indoor skating rinks, but no doubt, there is something very special in the cold air and snowflakes on your face. Enjoy the medieval atmosphere at the public open air rink in the Tallinn Old Town or test your skills on a frozen bay in Haapsalu.

 Sledging and snow tubing is fun for the whole family. Cross country kick sledge trips promise a unique experience for adventurous people, especially in national parks and on frozen bogs. And if you are travelling in the countryside, be sure to stop by the local Tourism Information Centre for best tips on sleigh rides in the neighbourhood and other unique winter fun!

By now you have probably guessed that the Estonian winter gets lots of snow, especially in the South. Estonia is perfect for winter sports fans.